Weakness is the Way – J. I. Packer, Book Review – Alex Choi

Weakness is the Way – J. I. Packer, Book Review – Alex Choi

Have you ever felt inadequate?  Inability or weakness in terms

of physical condition, intelligence or financial situation?

These weaknesses always make us feel sad and frustrated,

especially so living in a highly competitive society.  If you are

facing any of these situations, you will definitely find this

book very helpful. J. I. Packer uses Paul’s second letter to

Corinth to show the way for a Christian to recognise

weaknesses and how we could respond to those feelings.

First of all, when we feel our disabilities, our first response maybe to deny it.

However, Packer suggests that we should admit our weaknesses and respond by

leaning on Christ, that we may become truly strong in the Lord. “My grace is

sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness ….. For when I am

weak, then I am strong.” (2 Corinthian 12:9-10).

Second, he states that fallen human nature puts money as the supreme source of security,  and even many Christians appear to have bought the view that the world is a place where the rich count and the poor don’t.  Packer reminds us that Christians are managers of God’s money; money is given to us by God in order for us to help the needy and to spread the Gospel.  If we think money could help us banish our weaknesses, we are fooling ourselves!

Lastly, (which to me is the most important part) as a Christian, we have hope in our future.  Although we may face many difficulties in the world, we know that one day we will be reunited with Jesus Christ in a new world.  At that time, we will enjoy wonderful things and happiness with Christ.  This life on earth is temporary, but the life in the new world with Christ will be eternal. Thus, our weaknesses are temporarily experienced, but our happiness and enjoyment with Christ is eternal.   For those of you thinking ‘I am weak and suffering,’ this book could bring you a new perspective to life.