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We regularly offer a variety of short courses for those wishing to explore the Christian faith. Each time the setting is relaxed and informal, with a small group of people meeting in someone’s home or in the church rooms. There is always plenty of time for any questions you may have, or you may prefer to just listen to others!

Our most popular course is Christianity Explored. Based on Mark’s gospel, it looks at who Jesus was in his own words, what his aims were and what it means to follow him. It is ideal for anyone wanting to investigate Christianity for the first time or as a refresher. Find out more at www.christianityexplored.org

From time to time we run Life Explored. It investigates those things in life that promise much but deliver little. It is good for those who want to explore spirituality more generally and wonder whether Jesus has anything relevant to say. Find out more at http://www.life.explo.red

We also offer The World we all want, which helps people find their place in God’s big story. We all dream of a better world – a world of peace, security, and plenty. This course looks at how God promises such a world and what he has done to keep that promise. Great for seeing how the whole Bible fits together. You can find a trailer for the course here.

A further course is Discipleship Explored, for those who believe that Jesus is who he claimed to be, but want to know more about following him – how do Christians pray, study the Bible, do church and live a Christian life? Over 8 sessions we explore it all together. Find our more at www.discipleship.explo.red

You’ll find details of the next available course here. If you would like to know more about any of these courses please phone Simon Gales 01625 583251 or contact him via the website.