Prayer is the key activity of our church life, since we are dependent upon God for everything! The Bible gives particular encouragement for Christians to be praying together so, alongside our personal praying, we seek to be a church that prays together.

Prayer is an important part of our Sunday gatherings, when a church member will lead the congregation in prayer. There is also the opportunity for private prayer with a leader within the church after the service, for anyone who wishes – please ask.

Our monthly prayer gathering is an important time in the life of our church. We meet on (usually) the first Saturday of the month, 8.30-9.45am, in the church rooms, for coffee & croissants, followed by prayer in small groups, with information given about different areas of the church’s ministry. We encourage all members of St John’s to come along but don’t expect anyone to be an expert pray-er.

There is also a weekly prayer meeting, Tuesday mornings, 9.15-9.45 am, at the vicarage for anyone who is available during the daytime, and praying together is an important part of our weekly discipleship groups.