Faith – It’s Always Been a Matter of Trust – Julie Brierley

Faith – It’s Always Been a Matter of Trust – Julie Brierley

Who does not want to live in the Kingdom of Heaven where there is eternal life
of peace, love and prosperity? A life free from pain, sorrow and disease. A
heavenly place where everyone is equal and brothers and sisters to each other,
living together with our Father, a loving caring God who promises us a glorious
future through faith in Jesus Christ.

‘Faith – it’s always been a matter of trust’ is a simple and easy to read book,
which is great as I am not a big reader, and tend to read no longer than 30
minutes before I get tired! Once I started reading this book, I found it interesting,
engaging and inspiring and difficult to put down, so luckily for me it’s not a big

The author takes you on a journey that challenges people with or without faith.
This book sends you on a journey of understanding faith, where you climb to its
complete understanding. Scale the height of some majestic verses from the bible and see spectacular views
along the way. Stories are told with funny scenarios that we can relate to, helping to find the truth of Christian

After reading this book I realised that FAITH is not just a word. FAITH is precious. FAITH is valuable. FAITH is
important. Faith carries challenges and also with it great comfort knowing our lives are flooded with purpose
and hope as we focus on God’s promise of a glorious future.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone.