Anxiety – Living Well in a Broken World – Philippa Howsley

Anxiety – Living Well in a Broken World – Philippa Howsley


We all feel anxious at times, and many of us are currently
feeling more anxious than usual.

Anxiety is often viewed as a negative emotion that
should be avoided. However, anxiety is an essential and
often beneficial emotion that we all experience in
response to situations that we think might be
threatening or dangerous.

Contrary to popular belief, the Bible tells us that
experiencing some anxiety can actually be a good thing.
For example, the apostle Paul cared so deeply for the
churches he planted that he openly expressed regularly
feeling anxious about them (2 Corinthians 11:28, 1
Thessalonians 3:5).

As Christians, we have the privilege of being able to
honestly express our fears and worries to our loving
Heavenly Father who cares for us as his children (1 Peter
5:7). In the midst of anxiety, we can take comfort in
knowing that God is our Rock who will sustain us (Psalm
55:22). Like the apostle Paul, we can give God our praise
and thanks for His faithfulness and steadfast love.
Through common grace, God has provided us with
abundant blessings that we can access on a daily basis.
Some examples of common grace that can help us to
feel less anxious include regular exercise, healthy eating,
taking medication as prescribed, maintaining a routine,
prioritising sleep and rest, making time for hobbies,
learning new skills, and spending time with friends and
family. We need to remember, though, that there is
nothing we can do to earn our own salvation (Ephesians

We are sometimes tempted to think that anxiety is
caused by a lack of faith. This is not true at all when it
comes to anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders are the
most common mental health condition in the UK,
affecting 15-20% of the population. Anxiety disorders are
characterised by intense and uncontrollable anxiety that
significantly impacts everyday life. People living with an
anxiety disorder usually need professional support,
including psychological talking therapies and
medication, to get their anxiety under control. Anxiety
disorders are very treatable, and it is a good idea to see
your GP if you think you have an anxiety disorder or any
other mental health condition.

Churches have an amazing opportunity to support
people living with mental health conditions by offering
radical hospitality, compassion, love, and hope. With 1 in
4 people living with a mental health condition, learning
more about mental health conditions can help us to
better support and love one another. For more
information, visit

If you would like to speak with the pastoral care team,
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