Groups for 0-14s

Crèche meets in the front left room of church (next to the pulpit). We have lots of toys for 0-3s who are welcome to come in anytime during the service. Parents are free to leave or stay.

Except for crèche, the groups for 3-11s (Sunday Seekers) meet in the church rooms with Pathfinders (for 11-14s) meeting in the annex. They all start in the main church service and are taken over to the church rooms and annex after about 20 minutes. The leaders will bring the children back to church for 11.30am.

The groups are as follows:

  • Sparklers – for ages 3-5
  • Fireworks – for ages 5-7
  • Rockets – for ages 8-11
  • Pathfinders – for ages 11-14


14-18s are encouraged to stay in the morning service, where they are helped through the sermon by a committed team of adults. Each September we run ‘engaging with sermons’ sessions for our young people each year to help them with the transition into this group from Pathfinders.

Sunday Seeker Celebrations

On the first Sunday of each holiday and during the summer, we have Sunday Seeker Celebrations. This is an opportunity for the children to remember and respond to all that they have heard during the previous half-term’s sessions. Each Celebration is for all 3-11s together & emphasises celebration & worship. They are run by a different team from the normal Sunday Seeker leaders and include the 11-14s as helpers.

All Age services

All age services are a fantastic opportunity to be together together as a whole church family. There are about 10 each year, normally occurring at festival times (i.e. Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas and Easter) and are sometimes parade services when we welcome the uniformed groups that are associated with our church.