Youth, Children & Families

Welcome to the Youth, Children & Family (YCF) pages of the St. John’s church website. If you have any questions about YCF issues at St. John’s please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07963 898 327 or 01625 521 086.

Gareth Crispin (Youth, Children & Families Minister)

Our mission statement

Helping whole families know Jesus better through meaningful participation in our church family.’

Our ethos

Teaching & showing the Christian faith to youth & children is best done in the contexts of the home & church family. So whilst most things publicised are groups & events, much of what we’re about goes on in the background, between individuals & families.

We work towards healthy partnerships between parents/guardians and the rest of the church family that provide fertile places for youth & children to know more about Jesus and become like him.

How groups and events fit together

Overall, Sunday morning groups work through books of the Bible from first to last verse, whereas mid-week groups have a topic based approach, answering questions like: Who is the Holy Spirit? and: How should I read the Bible? Splitting it like this means that youth & children get a balanced diet of different types of teaching.

We have a list of topics and books we cover over the years to ensure that youth and children don’t continually repeat stories and subjects and to make sure they receive the right teaching at the right time of their lives.

Being not just doing

We know that youth & children don’t just learn what they are ‘taught’ but also learn through what they see and participate in, so we are also committed to encouraging good quality, safe opportunities for youth and children to spend time together and with the church family.

A place for all

We aim to be as inclusive a church family as possible and so a member of our church family advises us on how to ensure those youth and children with additional needs are well looked after. If you have a child with additional needs, we’d love to talk to you about how we can make their experience of church family life as positive as possible.