Day Time Event
Tuesday 7.30pm Youth Group – Chaos (14-18s)
Wednesday 9.45am Women's Bible Study (with crèche)
10.00am Communion Service
7.30pm Macclesfield Homegroup (fortnightly)
Thursday 10.00am Toddler Group
1.45pm Afternoon Homegroups (fortnightly)
2.00pm Ladies Fellowship (monthly – first Thursday of each month)
8.00pm Wilmslow Homegroups (fortnightly)
Friday 6.30am Men's Bible Study
1.45pm Afternoon Homegroups (fortnightly)
6.00pm Kids Club (7-11s)
7.30pm Friday Night Live (11-14s)
Saturday 8.30am Church Prayer Gathering (monthly)
Sunday 8.00am Communion Service (monthly first Sunday of each month)
10.00am Morning Service (with crèche and groups for 3-14s)
6.30pm Evening Gathering