The seeming conflict between Christian faith and scientific reasoning can prove a stumbling block for people seeking the truth about the origins of our world. Those with a non-scientific background can feel insufficiently informed to deal with peoples queries in this area. Written to combat the claims of the New Atheists, this short, informative book provides a sound basis for investigating the interaction between science and God and is written in a simple, engaging way that is as accessible for non-scientists as it is for scientists.

The book discusses the historical relationship between science and God as well as dealing with big questions relating to the origin of the planet, the emergence of life and the creation of man. Though the size of the book makes it impossible to cover all these in great detail, the chapters provide a good foundation for research into these questions and give references to other books discussing the matters further.

This book would be a helpful read for anyone looking into the relationship between science and God for the first time or wishing to find a good starting point for discussing the perceived conflict with people who feel the incompatibility between science and God prevents them from believing the Christian faith.

Book review by Abbie Goddard