One of the pictures that the New Testament regularly uses for living as a Christian is that of walking:

‘I urge you to walk worthily of the calling you have received’ (Ephesians 4:1)

‘Walk as children of the light’ (Ephesians 5:8)

‘Be very careful, then, how you walk – not as unwise but as wise’ (Ephesians 5:15)

(the NIV translates all of these as ‘live’)

The Christian life is a walk – not a sprint, not a ride on a cushion of air, but not stationary either- a walk, steady progress in the same direction!

How does the Christian life begin? By turning to Jesus, and trusting in him. And from then on it’s a walk – continued progress in that direction – getting to know him more; understanding more & more what he has done for you; trusting him each step of the way; learning his priorities, his attitudes, his choices, his love for his father, his concern for the lost, his willingness to serve the interests of others at his own expense, and delighting to walk that way – a disciple of Jesus!

But everyone is a disciple . . . of someone, or something! Even the person in Ben’s cartoon (below) who says ‘I follow no-one’ is following someone, or something, often without realising it! Neutrality is an illusion. You’re a disciple of who ever or whatever most influences your life. If someone is not a disciple of Jesus then have they really started on the Christian life?

We’re walking together, so you’ll find a lot in this magazine about meeting with other Christians. We’re walking but we’ve not yet arrived and the book that Linda has reviewed helpfully addresses that tension. If you’ve started on the journey may this magazine help you walk worthily of the calling you have received!

Yours on the journey


Taken from the Spring 2016 edition of In Touch